30 April, 2020

Athletissima will not take place in August... but we will be back soon !

With the decision of the Swiss Federal Government and the ongoing pandemic, we have regretfully taken the decision that Athletissima will not take place on the 20 August.

It is currently impossible to allow a high number of people to gather in a confined area, such as a stadium, by the end of August. We will be reviewing alternative options and formats that could still be considered in order to offer athletesthe possibility to compete.

We have experienced difficult periods in the past. However, the global health crisis associated with Covid-19 is of an entirely different magnitude. The pandemic affects everyone and the whole world is impacted. It is our responsibility to take this decision.

Finally, we express our full support to those affected by the disease, as well as all those who are fighting it.

We also spare a thought for all athletes who continue their preparation and training.